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S3™ Bolt & Keep

bolt and keepSecurity – Positive Locking

The S3™ BOLT & KEEP acts to overcome inbuilt security weaknesses in modern age windows by using ASL (Anti–Slip & Lock) technology.  Intruders use the void areas between the glass and the frame itself to lever the frame out of its channel.

The S3™ BOLT & KEEP manipulates the intruder’s strength so that it works against himself.

The S3™ BOLT & KEEP security features:

  • The security features lie dormant until the window is under attack.
  • Provides security on the hinge side of the window – an area that is over-looked except by thieves.
  • On attempted forced entry the hook on the bolt engages in the cut out window in the receiver to form a strong metal to metal connection.
  • The greater the pressure an intruder applies, the greater is the resulting resistance to forced entry.

Improved Comfort + Energy Saving

The S3™ BOLT & KEEP improves sash management and sealing by using AST (Advanced Sealing Technology)

The S3™ BOLT & KEEP sealing features:

  • A patented sash guidance and locating system for improved window opening reliability and durability
  • Adjustable compression features to optimise window gasket compression through the life of a window.
  • Controls and balances compression of the window gasket enabling the exclusion of draughts and noise – the reason that most consumers invest in new windows and hardware but often their expectations are not met
  • Reduces frame distortion and resulting draught.
  • Reduces wear and tear on the hinges by acting as a guide on closure of the sash and thus relieving pressure on the hinge

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