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S3™ Combination Espagnolette/Shootvault

shootvaultWindow Security – the options

Modern window systems are fitted with one of two locking systems:


Espagnolettes are usually fitted in the central part of the opening side of the window sash and lock by means of metal ‘mushrooms’ that slide into specially shaped receivers.  This provides basic security but leaves the window open to attack at the critical points near the corners.  The main advantage of the Espagnolette locking system is the lower price.


Shootbolts were designed to overcome the security weakness of Espagnolettes in that when the handle is operated a reverse action gearbox drives the bolt into a special keep located in the corner of the sash window and thus secures the critical areas. The main disadvantage is that the central area of the window is not secure and the price is higher.

The S3™ Innovative Solution

The creative S3™ technology design team saw no reason to be constricted by traditional thinking and did not see why consumers should not have the best of all worlds at little or no extra cost.  They therefore set about designing the

Combination Espagnolette/Shootvault

In order to achieve all the advantages of a combined system the designers first had to take the Shootbolt gearing away from the handle and design two different Shootbolt ends.  One operates in-line with the Espagnolette movement and the other incorporates reverse action gears so that the bolt moves in the opposite direction to the other three locking mechanisms.  Having done that they then worked on the other features.

Advantages of the S3™ Innovative Window Hardware

  • strong and durable Espagnolette forms the base of the system
  • 4-point locking system – the ultimate burglar deterrent
  • metal to metal locking that increases resistance to intrusion in direct proportion to the force applied by the intruder
  • almost no extra cost when compared with standard Shootbolt security systems
  • night vent operation for humid evenings – still with 4 locking points
  • when used in combination with the S3™ patented hinge side security bolts this is the most secure system currently available
  • more evenly controlled compression of the window gasket for improved insulation from noise and draughts
  • the Shootbolt ends can be retro-fitted if the S3™ Espagnolette is already fitted to an existing window
  • a specially developed Zeton coating provides an attractive appearance and extra resistance to corrosion and weathering
  • specially designed metal keeps for the Espagnolette as well as the Shootvault give maximum security and the comfort of excluded draughts and noise
  • when used together with the S3™ Fastlock™ handle  and S3™ hinge side security bolt & keep the level of security that is then achieved reaches unprecedented levels and provides reassurance to the homeowner as well as reliability for years to come

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