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Maintenance Instructions – Friction Stay Adjustment

The majority of opening windows are fitted with a friction stay which is a type of hinge that controls the opening of the window itself. This is factory set so that the window neither closes under its own weight or is overly difficult to open and close. After a period of time, the friction pad Read More

Maintenance Instructions – Cleaning

PVCu Frames – White Under normal circumstances the washing down of window and door profiles with diluted washing up liquid and water will suffice. However, where more stubborn marks or a build up of atmospheric grime exist, a nonabrasive cream cleaner specially designed for PVCu profile should be used. Apply the cleaner to the affected Read More

Maintenance Instructions – Lubrication

Due to normal operation and atmospheric conditions, the moving mechanical parts of the doors and windows may require lubrication. Keep plates, locks and hinges of both windows and doors will benefit from a light application of oil/grease to the contact area of moving parts. As a general rule, lubrication should be required once every 12 Read More

Fitting Instructions for PVCu Windows & Doors – Adjustments

Window hinges Generally the window hinges require no adjustment. However should you wish to adjust the tension on the friction stay, this can be achieved by screwing the brass screw, set in the black plastic pad, in or out to increase or decrease the tension. The adjustment screw can be accessed by opening the vent. Read More

Fitting Instructions for PVCu Windows & Doors – Toe and Heeling

It is essential that glass packers are used to support the double glazed units to prevent them from standing in any water that may collect in the frame rebate. This can cause failure of the seal of the double glazing and will invalidate your guarantee if packers are not used. Packers must not cover the Read More

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